About Me

Руслан Каштанов

Kashtanov Ruslan Aleksandrovich, international master(2003),FIDE trainer(2005),trainer of the highest category. Graduated Forest-tekhnical  Academy. Specialisation-an engineer on labour protection(2001).In 2011 I defend  diploma in APSD(Academy of postgraduate pedagogical education) majoring in sport instructor". Thesis: "Computer technology as a factor in the intensification of training of chess".

 Working s a coach since 1997. My students have become Champions and prize-winners of superiority of St. Petersburg, Russia ,Europe, Southeast Asia, the winners of international tournaments.

As a chess player - practitioner twice played in the championship final St. Petersburg(in 2001- I shared  5-7 places),a champion of the Crimea among boys(1994),winner of several international tournaments(Alushta- masters 2011,Budapest-masters 2010,Singapore-open,Novaya Ladoga, 2000).In 2003-2005  received the title  International Master.In 2005 after successfully passing the exams I got the title FIDE trainer(the international trainer with the right to teach anywhere in the world).

Best pupils:

Daryl Wong(Darryl Wong,Singapore)-multiple champion of Singapore, champion of South-East Asia up to 10 and 12 years.
Dominique Lo(Domenic Lo,Singapore)-multiple champion of Singapore,the champion of South-East Asia ,a member of the men's Olympic team Singapore.

Pavel Martynov-FIDE master, champion SPB 16 years of age, a permanent member of the men's finals Championships in St. Petersburg, has a norm of international grandmaster. Rating-2414.
Guzenko Artem - multiple champion and winner of the Championships of St. Petersburg among young men. Rating-2300.
Chuprova Irina-candidate master of sports, a multiple winner of the championship among girls,5th place in the championship of Russia and 14, the champion of Russia to 16 years old Blitz(2013)
Chernyak, Victoria FIDE master, multiple winner of Championships in St. Petersburg among girls, the silver medalist of Russian championship under 18 years(2014)

Currently I'm working as a coach of world-wide famouse  SSOR№2 (Anichkov Palace,former pioneer palace),wich produced 2 world champions(Spassky and Halifman)and a lot of world-wide famouse grandmasters,like Vityugov,Kortchnoi,Kamsky,Sakaev,Yudasin and many others.

Experience in work with children 6 years and older. The level of play does not matter-I'm open and to beginners ,and to fide-master(elo2300). In the educational process in addition to standard training programmes and private bases  with exercises are widely use computer programs-both educational and databases, analytical modules.

Because I am convinced that the theory without practice is dead, we highly recommend all my students to play at least 8 tournaments a year. In the summer actively commute with pupils how to tournaments and training camps. I am convinced that the coach must from time to time to play(for many reasons),so I participate in competitions, though not so often-3-4 times a year.

Lessons in  ICC(chessclub.com) i give over 10 years-individual lessons on the platform of the game server with Skype at your service.

Contact information: email:kashtanov79@mail.ru.      skype:ruslanio.chestnut          h/p:+79312497208